Quotation and order

♠ Before placing an order, please contact us for pricing information. You can easily request a quotation by email or briefly by Contact us.
To estimate an exact quote and turnaround term, we need information for your gene, construct and target mutations.
For your convenience, please download and fill out a related quote request form linked below. We  will provdie a quote in 24 hours.

♠ To start a mutagenesis project, we need your signed order form, wt construct containing your target gene and construct information such as sequence and/or map.

♠ Mutagenex will start mutagenesis reaction as soon as we receive your ordering package and your gene sample.

Step 1
Get a quotation

Step 2.  Submission of ordering package:
- Order form: by e-mail or a signed hard copy
- Target gene sample (plasmid DNA or other wt construct)
- Information of gene and construct (vector)

Step 3.  Mutagenesis and confirmation of a target mutation by Mutagenex

Step 4.  Delivery of purified mutant construct, sequencing data and mutagenesis report

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