Multiple-site mutagenesis

Mutagenex can introduce multiple mutations at any two or more separate sites by single round mutagenesis reaction.
Any mutations substitution, insertion and deletion) can be generated with in 18 bp (or more) length at each site.
Our basic service starts at $380 per mutant for a double-site mutagenesis (a construct < 10 kb, each target site in 18 bp).

Basic service

- 18-base substitution at each target site,
for a construct (vector + gene insert) < 10 kb
- $380 per mutation for double site-directed mutagenesis
- $490 per mutation for triple site-directed mutagenesis
- Turnaround time: typically 10~ 15 business days
- For more sites mutagenesis, please contact us.

If you need random (saturation) mutagenesis at mutiple sites, please see random mutagenesis.