Gene subcloning and synthesis

We provide PCR subcloning and gene synthesis service to construct customer's vector with target gene insert (< 3 kb) with or without tag sequences (6xHis, myc, HA, etc.).

PCR subcloning of gene insert (up to 3.0 kb)    
    - $280 per construct for regular PCR subcloning.
    - $350 per construct for subcloning with additional tagging sequences.
Service will include free DNA sequencing of whole gene insert up to 3 kb size.

For subcloning of large gene fragment (>3 kb), we will charge
    - Extra manipulation fee: $50 per construct.
    - Sequencing fee: $25 per extra 800 bp sequencing for at least three selected colonies.

For standard gene synthsis, 
    - Basic charge $180 for gene upto 500 bp
    - $0.38 /bp for gene >500 bp
    - $90 for subcloning of synthetic DNA in a conventional cloning vector (pUC19, etc)
    - For subclonig of synthetic DNA in a customer's vector, $180 will be charged .