Q1   How does Mutagenex generate mutation at a target?

Mutagenesis can be performed either by oligo-directed method or by PCR-based method. Our unique and creative technique has accomplished thousands of mutagenesis reactions perfectly approaching 100% mutagenesis efficiency and accuracy.

Q2  Can you use any other kinds of DNA besides plasmid for mutagenesis?

Yes, we can directly generate mutant genes using PCR products, cDNA, or other viral vectors as a template.

Q3  Why does the basic mutagenesis service perform DNA sequencing only within ~1.0 kb region encompassing mutation sites?

Our innovative mutagenesis method has achieved almost 100% efficiency (almost 0% of wild-type sequence after mutagenesis at the target site) and accuracy (almost 0% of erroneous additional mutation) from thousands of mutagenesis experiments. DNA sequencing and primer synthesis usually occupy a large portion of the total cost of mutagenesis that is directly charged to customers. However, we consider that many customers have their own connection to a DNA sequencing lab that provides sequencing services for a cheaper price than ours. The reason why Mutagenex provides full-length sequencing as an optional service is to offer flexible prices and more options to our customers. If you want full-length sequencing, we will charge an extra $25 per 800 bp for primer synthesis, mini-prep of plasmid, sequencing, and data analysis for at least three colonies per mutagenesis.

Q4  What do I do, if a delivered mutant has a problem with its sequence?

If a mutant has a problem due to our error, we will redo mutagenesis to correct the problem with no additional fee. Please see our Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

 Q5  What size of a gene can you introduce mutation at any target site?

Usually, we can perfectly introduce a mutation into any target site of gene up to 20 kb or more depending on gene complexity according to the presence of high GC content, secondary structure, or tandem repeat. For genes longer than 3 kb, we request an extra charge of $250 for subcloning and sequencing costs.

 Q6  What is the delivery time frame?

For general mutagenesis service up to 3 kb gene, the delivery time is average 10 business days depending on the project.

 Q7  Can Mutagenex subclone the mutated gene into the vector of my choice?

Yes, we can subclone your mutated gene into the vector you requested. The vector must be provided by the customer. For the transfer of a mutated gene from an original vector into another vector, we charge $180 per subcloning in combined order with mutagenesis.

 Q8  How can I place my order?

First, customers should contact Mutagenex for pricing information and then send us an ordering package including the order form, your plasmid DNA containing your target gene, and information of your gene and plasmid. For placing your order, you can submit your order form by FAX or e-mail in advance with a formal PO or credit card information. This will help us start the synthesis of mutagenic primers or DNA fragments earlier and shorten turnaround time.

 Q9  How do I send samples?

Mutagenex needs at least 5 micro-gram of your plasmid for mutagenesis reaction. Before sending your plasmid sample, please verify your sample quality and amount by both OD measurement and agarose gel electrophoresis. We recommend three kinds of sample submissions. Please ship your DNA sample via express mail in water or TE buffer in an ice/dry ice package (1), in 70% ethanol (2), or as a semi-dried pellet (3) at room temperature.

 Q10  How much should I pay for the delivery of mutagenesis results and final materials such as sequencing results, mutant plasmid, and bacteria?

We ship our products not only to domestic customers but also to countries outside the USA. Shipping charges vary according to the current regional FedEx retail prices. For orders more than $2,000, shipping is free (only for orders in USA or Canada).

 Q11  What kind of payments do you accept?

Mutagenex accepts credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and checks. For orders, you may send us a certified PO. The payment term is net 30 days with an invoice.

Q12  Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts to customers who need a large quantity of mutagenesis or for a long-term project. We can also offer a special discount by joining a partnership. We welcome the annual rate contract with a group of scientists (department or institute) or individual researchers.