Comparison of cost and efficiency

Presently many researchers utilize commercial kits for their site-directed mutagenesis. However, most commercial kits have several disadvantages: limited application, low mutagenesis efficiency, and high cost.

Disadvantage of commercial kits

High cost for mutagenesis.

Here, we compare the cost for 6 bp substitution of 2 kb gene between Q mutagenesis kit, one of the most prevalent kit, and our service price.
Kit (~ $270 for 10 reactions):  $27 per single round reaction
Synthesis and purification of two mutagenic primers: $75 / primer x 2 = $150
Subcloning cost for enzymes, reagents, and culture media > $ 60 per single round of subcloning
Sequencing analysis to confirm target site ($8 per single reaction x at least 3 colonies): $24

>$261 for a single-round experiment using a kit vs. $259 until you get a correct mutant by Mutagenex!

Limited application

– Usually available for substitution, insertion, and deletion at a limited number of target sites (single or double sites)
: Not applicable for chimeragenesis or site-specific random mutagenesis
– Only applicable for mutagenesis of short sequence frame of a target site
(practically for 1 ~ 12 bp mutagenesis with 60 ~ 80% efficiency)

>We provide all kinds of in vitro mutagenesis, including substitution, insertion, deletion, chimeragenesis, random mutagenesis, and conventional subcloning! 

 Low mutagenesis efficiency

– Low mutagenesis efficiency for mutation of long target sequence > 12 bp
– Difficult for complex target sites  such as GC-rich regions, tandem repeat regions, regions forming tight secondary structure
– Practically difficult for large template constructs > 10 kb

>The challenge is our business! Not fail yet! Difficult target genes and large template up to 20 kb… just OK! 

 A potential risk for undesired, erroneous mutations at non-target sequence.

– Errors often occur at complicated sequences but are not detected!
– May cause unpredicted behavior of construct or gene activity.

>Mutagenex has developed an innovative mutagenesis technique, not allowing erroneous mutations! The real experts we are!

Even with spending $261, you may not be sure of successful mutagenesis because it critically depends on your skill and the nature of a target gene (GC contents, tandem repeat, secondary structure, etc.).
Stop thinking that all mutagenesis must be done by yourself!
Turning difficult mutagenesis experiment over to Charm Gene Science will allow you to concentrate your time and effort on your current project.
Charm Gene Science and our experts are always ready to assist you with your important research.

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